Dinga-linga-ding. People pour into our living room so quick but I don’t notice.

Phase 1
An auntie, wearing all the gold she owns, waddles like a penguin toward me. By now, I’ve heard one too many exasperations about how tall I’ve grown but I endure just another. She asks me ‘what I want to do’, to which I itched to reply ‘leave but I can’t. This is my house and my Ma has painted me like a perfect picture to display to all of you so I can’t leave but for what it’s worth, I’d sure like to’. She slaps my wrist and tells me to stop day dreaming. I tell her ‘writing’ is ‘what I want to do’. Her eyebrows. Enough said. Continue reading


Dear Appa

A boy writes a letter to his father.

dear appa

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Lake Wakatipu – Part III


The young lovers ran as fast as they could towards the village where great celebration awaited.A grand feast was prepared in the couple’s honour. and great festivities including traditional tribal face painting took place in celebration. Manata’s father gave his blessings to the couple and as a token of his gratitude, he gifted Matakauri a flax and dog-skinned kilt of the highest rank. Continue reading

Lake Wakatipu – Part II


A few days later, Matakauri asked Manata ‘Do you think if we asked your father, we would be able to marry?’ Manata leaped up with joy! She was waiting for this moment when Matakauri would ask her this. Continue reading

Lake Wakatipu – Part I

An adaptation of an ancient Māori tale about the formation of Lake Wakatipu, this makes for a great bedtime story. (Co-written with Samragni Dasagupta)

This is a tale that not many know. A tale filled with magic and love, a tale so warm that it can melt the snow. Continue reading