#6 Bengaluru teenagers turning drug peddlers for a quick buck?

The article is about teenage drug peddlers in Bengaluru who, although are rare, very much exist. I wrote this for Bangalore Times, the features department for Times of India.

Click here http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/Bengaluru-teenagers-turning-drug-peddlers-for-a-quick-buck/articleshow/48268292.cms


#5 Umbrellas Up

I am drawn to risk-takers *sitting on bed, eating icecream*. In this piece, I covered two women who had quit their jobs to start their own company of giftcards, umbrellas, notebooks, stationary and more. The minute I heard a word of them, I had to get my hands on their story.

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#4 A Life In Jazz

Arjun’s story was the most heart-warming one I had ever come across during my internship. A friend of my uncle’s, he is a free-lance, self-taught musician. But his story was the charm. Over a one hour phone call explaining his life story of being a nomadic teenager, shuffling from state to state with his family, I was watching a movie, Arjun’s movie, in my mind.

This is the piece I am most proud of.

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#3 Newsie Queens

I covered an eco-political blog started by two infants. Okay, two 15 year olds but nevertheless, impressive right? One of the girls is actually a classmate of mine and when I heard about her blog through the grapevine I was like “WHAT? WHAT AM I STILL DOING EATING GRAPES?”  Continue reading

#2 Boxy By Nature

My Features editor suggested *cough* (forced) me into writing a fashion piece. I was given two words “new trend”. So of course, I researched the cyber globe on the latest trends to find, well the ‘trendiest’ and my find could have been slightly fabricated. For someone who isn’t exactly a style expert, I thought half of the piece was bollocks. But if you’ve got bollocks, you may as well pull it off with confidence.

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#1 Sketching a Career Out of Art

This was my first ever article to be printed in the Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore. While I was beyond grateful (I really thought they’d make me a chaiwalla), I was pretty pumped. It was this article that boosted my motivation and confidence to stop my Features editor in the hall and ask her whether I could cover this person, this company blah blah etc, in my next article.

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