OQ #39

I feel the most non-bullshit lesson in life is the Goldilocks principle. Extremes are momentary while the ‘middle’ is all around us, everyday.

  1. Most concentration of numbers is found in the middle of a bell shaped curve
  2. Earth isn’t too close or too far away from the sun
  3. Microwaving a cookie at just the right temperature between warm and burn-your-tongue hot
  4. Finding middle ground during conversations
  5. How being average or ‘normal’ can feel most fulfilling

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5 thoughts on “OQ #39

  1. Ξnigma says:

    There exists extremes because we made those standards. We defined whats the highest and whats the lowest. Don’t you think with that we have created a big rupture in the analogy of life?

      • Ξnigma says:

        The so mentioned attributes contribute to the extremes but it’s still in our hands, which side do we want to lean on.

      • misskutts says:

        Interesting. Do you think, though that we consciously make those extremes or is there some natural Darwinian force that inevitably allows some to fall below and some to rise to the top?

      • Ξnigma says:

        Darwinism, be as it may, cannot control what we as humans, i.e. social animals do or want to do or will do. It’s an evolutionary process that defined who comes at the top of the food chain and who at the bottom.
        Having said that, evolution has its flaws. It is not perfect, like us per say. Who rises and who falls gets further classified into how much capable we are. Genetic flaws limit a few and the society we live in may bring an hinderance to the lot.
        If we keep keep digging, there are a million other reasons. But no one would want to settle for something in between. It’s mostly not their choice or the circumstances didn’t favour.

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