This Place

Author’s note: Mind the sing-song form, this was written for a graduation number.

This place is more
than a table and a chair
and a chalk board everywhere.

This place is where
I found the courage to build my dreams.
I had someone believe in me.

And after all these years
I’ve got leave these faces
and say farewell;
no afternoon bell.

It’s never easy with goodbye.
But every once a while,
you cant hold dry eye
or let a moment fly by.

Home is where
I’ve found myself,
between these familiar walls
and cozy halls.
Home is where
a bond of friendship
is all wrapped up in warmth.
Cocooning me from the storm.

I’m not closing the door
with a frown on my face.
Though this is a home I cant replace
I’m leaving with all my grace.

I’m not falling to floor,
reminiscing in regret.
I’m walking blind on a ledge,
but this time without a safety net.

© 2015 Pia Krishnankutty & springtidevoice. All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “This Place

  1. trambak says:

    Amazing it was! Used to write poems couple of years ago but completely migrated towards full-time fiction writing. But the poem was brilliant! Maybe I’ll consider writing one again! 🙂

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