Phlegm and Finals

WARNING : This is likely to be a rant. So get ready or get out.

I’m in a particularly sour mood today. My finals start in three days or so and my cold is right on schedule. For the past few years, I catch the flu right before my exams. Nature works in mysterious bloody ways.

Naturally, I’m annoyed because all my ‘p’s are ‘b’s, hot water just burns my already dry and sore throat, and I can’t sit at my desk without running to the loo to get a tissue for my nose. My overall concentration and usual astute and careful attention to detail has been squandered due to unrelenting migraines. Eg; I almost titled this ‘flegm’ and finals.

Other than my clogged sinuses, I’ve barely gotten ahead with my exam portions because I spent the whole of last night whining and rubbing Vicks and Tiger Balm all over my face and back. Followed by excessive whining and crying due to the burning of my eyeballs as a result of putting too much balm.

(I’m considering running away to my grandma’s and eating banana bread for the rest of my life.)

So why do I have this finals-phlegm curse? Good/eh/bad question, obvious answer. Tonsillitis.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with word, the non-medical, layman explanation of it is “when your tonsils are a magnet and the flu is iron”. You’re basically prone to catching any type of cold, flu yadda yadda and a key symptom is when your tonsils swell up really big and painful. Thus, every swallow feels like you’ve got a fish bone stuck somewhere in between, your voice is grainy, you speak in wisps of words and the fever takes care of the rest of the headaches *pun*. The voice dilemma coupled with a frequent popping of partially blocked ears is deeply traumatizing for us bathroom singers. And the grand cherry on the top is my deviated septum.

(I have the keys to my grandma’s. A serious consideration at the moment.)

Writing seems to take the edge off and since my head throbs with every word I read from this textbook that is the size of both ‘Deathly Hallows’ part one and two, my blog is my secret escape. This special place that lightens up my face with a screen and lightens up my mood as I type in that URL – WordPress. Ah, food to the soul.

Political science is the first exam. Woo – effin – hoo. I’m staggering through ‘sovereignty’; a topic I feel ironically stripped of personally, as the fear of exams and the unknown extent of this flu cast a shadow over me. I crave some TV watching every now and then but the prospect of hearing obscure static beneath a re-run of Friends would most probably worsen my headaches.

As I wrap up this rather negative post I want to conclude with a creepy observation I’ve made. A few days ago I published a fictional post about a character that encounters a power cut as she is sick in bed, alone at home. And boy, the similarities are scary. I AM THE CHARACTER. Maybe not the part where she bumps into a lot of furniture, but the flu, the cold compresses, the constant sniffing, everything is the same. It’s got to be the weirdest writer deja-vu I have ever experienced.

Also a word to the wise, be careful how you blow out your nose. I’ve been pretty relentless and harsh in this endeavour to the point where I’ve pulled my nose so hard that I cut it at its seating. Speaking of which, I think I feel a nosebleed close by.

P.S Good luck to those with finals and those with the winter cold. Just remember, there’s someone worse off than you *cough*.

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25 thoughts on “Phlegm and Finals

  1. wanderingviolet says:

    Oh my god!What are the odds that I have a blocked nose and the first post I read after logging in, is a “rant” about flu and a cut nose?Apparently,a lot. Haha, anyway,all the very best for the exams.

  2. EarlGreyorNoWay says:

    Let me start out by saying something my brain was screaming at me the whole time I was reading your post, because apparently, it’s very important that I verbalize it (I guess it’s not really verbalizing, since I’m typing it, but you get the picture).
    I hate blowing my nose. Like I literally HATE it. I’m so bad at it. It always ends up being a huge mess and a two-tissue job turns into a giant pile of tissues and a sore and raw upper lip and nose from all the wiping.
    But anyway, I certainly hope you get feeling better soon. Sounds like you’re trudging through a hell I would only wish upon my worst enemies.
    Best of luck on your finals – I don’t know if this trick works where you’re from (hell it hardly works here, I don’t know why we do it) but in high school our general rule of thumb was, “when in doubt, choose B.” So you can imagine the B to Every Other Answer ratio.
    Anyway! This comment is atrociously long. Sincerest apologies.

    • misskutts says:

      Urgh, that ‘nose job’ (hehe) that ends in a fort of tissues. I know that feel. I’m kind of a germaphobe when it comes to any kind of phlegm- nose blowing situation too. But since this was a rant, I really didn’t have any inhibitions while writing this and just delved right into the snotty stuff.
      Your comment is long but super flattering I’ll admit. You seriously need to write a book because your humor really is one of a kind. I had to stop reading your blog because I found myself hitting the like button for EVERY post. *Not a stalker*
      I wish I could use the B to Every Other Answer Ratio but in our finals, it’s a write-it-out type of question. It isn’t optional based. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my piece. AND POST A NEW POST FAST FOR CHRIST’S SAKES (:

  3. Lovely Sami Anne says:

    I started reading this as I started blowing my nose and couldn’t help but comment, especially with my equally cut nose that I have to be careful with if I don’t want a bloody mess. Good luck with your finals & feel better soon. Not that you have much control of either really but if you pick answers as well as you write, you’ll do fine. This crap will go away soon and it will be all sunshine and daisies again. Maybe. I’m on day 3 with new symptoms every day. SO MUCH FUN.


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