Passion Never Dies

An awkwardly structured poem dedicated to the almost-one-day-never-too-late travel journalist who once told me that passion sometimes dies – well, it never does. 

You seek it; this dream, this ambition, this ability.
It sits and waits for you in a gleam of possibility.

I see it when you speak, when your eyes light up at its word.
Unconsciously pursuing this deafening, soon to not be unheard. 

So don’t utter like a pessimist, telling me it’s the end.
True, the last hurdle’s the highest and a broken bone won’t mend.

Maybe the gun was shot too early and you ran with staggered feet.
But the will to run never abandoned and neither was it beat.

If trial was met with failure at least regret left without any cries.
Because chance is worth the chase and passion, it never dies.

© 2015 Pia Krishnankutty & springtidevoice. All Rights Reserved


32 thoughts on “Passion Never Dies

  1. Ultimaytprodigy says:

    What a sweet poem! . The main thing that attracted me to read this post is because of the picture. I Because it is written in malayalam. I’m a Malayali too. And thanks for dropping by my post.

  2. charlypriest says:

    Actually this was the first poem that I read so that´s why I hit the LIKE so fast, I that cool 😉
    I see I have found yet another great master of the written word. Great writing and positive poems I´ve been reading.
    So if you don´t mind I´ll stick around and drop by as humanly possible to do what I have coined ” my cool stalker moves”.
    Great writing, happy you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

  3. insight07 says:

    I loved it! And i can relate to it so well! Right now i am preparing for my board examinations, and inevitably this question comes to my mind, will i ever become what i really want to? Your poem just voiced my thoughts so well. Makes one feel good that there are people going through the same things as you. Thank you for sharing such a lovely poem. 😀

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