By Night An Insomniac

Inspired by an insomniac classmate of mine who gets half an hour of sleep every night (if lucky).

By night an insomniac,
By day a hypochondriac.
Days, hours are out of my league.
Symptom one: alert fatigue. 

Wednesday means I’m halfway there,
but drowning in a glass half full of despair.
So welcome, Restless Stress (symptom two),
The tick tocks back to Tue.

Focus sat up on his high horse,
but only communicated in morse.
Yet another night an insomniac,
But forever a hypochondriac.

© 2015 Pia Krishnankutty & springtidevoice. All Rights Reserved


38 thoughts on “By Night An Insomniac

  1. Steppenwolf says:

    I’m not pretty good in english language, but this aren’t just words, it’s art. This kind of art, which is captivating and fascinating. Thanks for this awesome piece of poetry 🙂
    And by the way, greetings from Germany 🙂

    • misskutts says:

      Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment that means more to a young writer like me, than you know. I admire the unpresuming and honest writing in your posts (despite having to nitpick through the translation). Thank you once again (:

  2. wanderingviolet says:

    Counting sheep always leads my imagination to run wild…first the scene changes from a green, green field to a dark, dingy tunnel.And then the sheep transform.They grow red devil horns and run after me.So yeah,I avoid the sheep. 😛

  3. frommymindtomyfingers says:

    I loved this poem! I love the way it’s been written! You should show it to your friend, I’m sure he/she would love it 🙂

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