A Gift From The Heart

Giving or rather making gifts is one of my favourite things to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for clothes, books, designer jeans; wondering what would look or suit him/her the best. But I feel that when it comes to family, it’s always lovely to make a gift from the heart.

When I was younger I would usually go the Blake way; paint a pretty picture and on it write a poem. My mum was pretty touched, if I might add. Another year, granted I was pretty young then, I got a little overly excited with a show called ‘Art Attack’ and made my Dad a papier-mâché space station using tissue paper, Fevicol and an ancient packet of molded water colour paints. And it wasn’t a mess; it was pretty impressive. However there was one year that I took a pottery class. I gifted my uncle, an avid smoker (his only flaw), a clay ashtray in the shape of great big mouth, with teeth and lips. I don’t recall him being too touched. But it was different and many a time ‘different’ is what surprises a person.

But as we grow older these artsy-crafty gifts seem less endearing and quite petty. It is equally annoying for someone who isn’t really artistically creative. But recently I made a gift for my parents’ anniversary which they found, and I quote “thoughtful, useful and a gift hard to forget”.

You don’t need paints, tissue paper, Fevicol or anything that’ll get your hands sticky. You need :

1. A pen
2. An empty cassette box
3. A bunch of one-side printed cards
4. A permanent marker
5. Mandatory: Patience and a whole lot of love

How to make it :

1. Keep the empty cassette box aside.
cassette empty

2. Pull out all the one-sided printed cards. Make sure the dimensions of the cards are small enough to fit inside the cassette box.


Like I mentioned, the cards should be printed with an image only on one side. The other side must be blank.


3. On the blank side, write a short one-liner or a quote. Do this for all the other cards.



4. Fit the cards into the compartment inside the empty cassette box.


5. Using a permanent marker write your name on the bottom of the box. I’ve written “Love, Pia” for my box.


6. Close it up and you’re all done!


I find gifts like these easy to make, although finding the perfect quotes and writing them down on each card can be time-consuming. I recommend the quotes to be handwritten rather than printed, in order to get that from-the-heart feel. A gift like this can fit on a night-stand or in a bed-side table drawer so that one can read a quote every night before going to bed.

It may not be an expensive limited edition gift, but it’s one you can’t put a price on. That’s a gift from the heart.

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