I was just about 16 when I first interned at a newspaper. Naturally, I was the enthu-cutlet on the block, trying to sink my teeth into any story I could get. It’s a ruthless work environment plagued by time crunching deadlines and a constant demand for versatility. You have to hunt for stories, stalk people on social media, see if their stories are worth reading. But if you show them you’re willing, nobody will turn down a good story.

The Deccan Chronicle Features Office, Bangalore gave me one too many oppurtunities and by the second week I was giving in column after column. At first, the thrill of seeing your name printed at the end of an article is fulfilling enough for an intern. But of course, I began pitching bigger ideas for actual articles, later on.


7 thoughts on “Columns

  1. jagritjain says:

    I envy you just because you are an year younger than me and write for newspaper. Where do you live? How did you get to write for paper?
    All the best 🙂

  2. katerzyna says:

    Wow. I think that if people try and work on what they want to achieve they will make it. I know that you can make it in the journalists’ world. Don’t stop believing in that. 🙂

    • misskutts says:

      A stranger has no inhibitions, they have no reason to be dishonest and that’s partly why I started this blog – to get real feedback on my writing. So reading this really impelled me with no strain of doubt.
      Thank you 🙂

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